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Scent of distant.

Scent of distant.
Buddha’s footsteps, set foot in Sravasti today. Visit the Buddha city, what is the special event! The thirty-two phase, the eighty’s with good form has special characteristics, beyond all the Zunsheng Buddha world, sat on the roadside quietly grinding marketplace good for women’s fragrance. The one step closer, her heart, joy, infinite respect moved up; when the Buddha came, her trembling hands, the first grinding fine powder, coated on the solemn foot.
Go soon, the ordinary woman is metaplasia trayastrimsa heaven a scent of distant.
In a lot of heaven gathered in good hall, Sakka the inquiry:
“What good fortune have you repaired?” Body fragrant subtle light – unbelievable; melt cast gold luster, more than the average man! ”
To answer the first day respectfully:
“Past life with more than myohyang, respect and support – Buddha; Buddha Mongolia is Wade bliss, was born in trayastrimsa heaven! Now rejoice, a delicate fragrance; it is 100 by the same distance within ten days, we cast for the Buddha interests! ”
Then, incense sieboldii spikes fly back to earth worship buddha. In the pro Ling Buddha aphorisms now, get a stream enterer fruit.
The side many often with the monks, asked the Buddha: “this day past repair how blessed? Not only incarnate heaven, are pure incense Shujue! ”
Buddha’s mercy replied: “this day, past life, incense is coated on the Buddha’s feet hand mill. As a result of pious devotion to Buddha, the fate of the whole life is long, and the sense of body is fragrant and pleasant! “

Lead the heart to sublimate

Lead the heart to sublimate
Once back home, was the Buddha Luo Acropolis tour, lives in the south of the city, but the law came in.
One day, Buddha’s cousin mahanam Buddhist ceremony to see the Buddha, the Buddha said:
“The buddha! Now we Cana was the Acropolis Luo this place, rich and populous and prosperous, every day I come and go, often running beside the elephant, horse, rampage, car passing, I often think, I do not know which day will be killed, and died before the panic to forget the Buddha read read, read, dharma sangha, I fear to die like this, do not know the next life will be reduced to what? Where were you born? ”
“Mahanam! Do not be afraid, you will be born to a good place after death, will not be reduced to the three evil way, there will be no bad retribution. It’s like a tree, when the seedlings had a tendency from the eastern growth, continue to grow up, or have been inclined toward the East, after growth, if someone cut down the tree, then the tree will fall in which direction? ”
“The buddha! Of course it falls to the east. ”
“Mahanam! The same to you。 Just as someone puts a buttered bottle into a deep pool, the bottle will sink into the water, of course, but the butter in that bottle will eventually come up to the surface. Mahanam! You for a long time, read, read, read the Buddha dharma sangha, even after the death of the body was cremated, or abandoned in the cemetery, let the crow, eagle, wild dogs, hyenas bite, wind, sun and rain, in the course of time, the body will be dust finally, but the long-term influence of the mind, have strong faith, virtue, generosity, wisdom, it is thought that will lead to happiness in mind sublimation, beauty. “

The discovery of the Buddha monk

The discovery of the Buddha monk
The Buddha and the great monk one thousand two hundred and fifty people came to the tree to the garden alone, then there is a statue, with boundless vast wealth, gold and silver jewelry, although rich, but still stingy not satisfied, not only does not provide for the care of their parents, and even his wife and servant but do not have enough to eat and wear not warm, not more exchanges with their relatives and friends, for fear of they borrowed belongings. After he died, no children to inherit the family business, so all assets are owned by the state.
Monk will tell this thing to tell the Buddha, Buddha monks, the venerable life not only stingy, not charity, so it is past.
In the past, there is a big tree in Xiangshan long pepper, the tree lived a bird called bird I. The fruit of the tree have therapeutic utility of Piper longum, so the fruit matures, there are a lot of people up the mountain to pick fruit, I see a bird cries: “the fruit is my all, you can’t pick. The people ignored their cries and continued to pick the fruit. But my bird cried again and again, “I don’t want people to take my things. You just stop.”. ”
However, despite my bird how sad cry, no one stopped action, or a fruit was picked off, the birds continue to wail, its cry is more and more small, gradually died after fertility.
The Buddha told the monks, I was the bird, is now the statue of greed, so as to repair the public charity, with corruption, heart Hambo pure, listening to the monk said, all joy yijiaofenghang.

Faith in the bitter wheel

Faith in the bitter wheel
The time of the Buddha, in the southeast of sravasti, there is a river, the river is deep and wide in the river shore, home to five hundred households, they have never even heard of the spirit and the meaning of Buddhism Ethics, people’s personality is strong, hard to adjust to V, for the cause of corruption to run amuck, fraud, illegal make Ji, and as for the music.
One day, the Buddha knows this five hundred households, the persistent world cumulative reward, now of karma has come, so he came to the river, sitting under a tree in their readiness. After the villagers here, see the Buddha of the thirty-two phase, are taken by joy, praise and worship to the Buddha, who was there, ask the Buddha used any food, the hope of their predestined relationship buddha. Buddha’s mercy to guide everyone sat on the floor, and said the truth to the public the Dharma Xuan, but the five hundred village households, due to fraud habit ridden, the Buddha’s teachings cannot have faith. The Buddha turns into a man, the other shore to shore with water from. The person to the shore, went to the front of the Buddha, with devotion to the Buddha worship, and kneel in prayer, hoping to learn the Dharma.
Everybody looked, all without exception surprised. One of them asked, “Walker, our family lived on the river bank. It has been around for generations. I have never seen anyone who can walk on the water. Who are you?” How can you tell us if we can walk on the water with such supernatural powers? “Answer:” I live here travel across the village, believing that the Dharma, has high expectations for wisdom, when hearing the Buddha in this way, want to take a boat to see the Buddha immediately. But there was no ferry at that time, and he was anxious to ask a man on the shore: “how deep is the river?” “He answered,” this water is only to your ankle, and you can wade through it directly. After listening to his words, he did not doubt the idea and came over from there. I didn’t have any supernatural powers at all! ”
The Buddha then exclaimed, “good!”! Good Zai! If a man can adhere to the letter by Dharma, can cross the ocean of samsara. To tread water through the wide river this number, what surprise? “The Buddha said, but said:” letter to Du Oliver, taken to the ship division, in addition to sophisticated distress, wisdom to the other side; people with integrity, reputation for the sanctuary, Philharmonic inaction, are all bound solution; letter was in line, by the method of extinction, wisdom from the smell, the to all the light; honesty and discipline, Huineng for Shidao, Takeo for Hui, from tokuhon. ”
The people in the village after the Buddha and saw that chant of the Dharma of faith, then with Buddha’s seat, which comply with the three precepts, and more convinced of the Dharma, no longer turn back, and in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha Dharma. Therefore the Dharma in this village widely spread, people also remove the evil and follow the good Qin Xiu shanfa, the whole village, everywhere is the scene of joy fullerton.
Source: “law of allusions by analogy. Volume 1 – a product”
“Dharma, the sea, the only faith can enter”, as long as the truth of the Dharma is firmly convinced, the natural wisdom is revealed, the mind is cool and comfortable, and the true interests and liberation of Buddhism are obtained. So the men of practice, no matter in prosperity and adversity, and any bad state, can not retreat and with confidence, faith, diligence is not slack, finally certainly can obtain the way off, permanent death, permanent happiness.

The story of a good master

The story of a good master
“West” in the biography of records, said: “after three years, Changan city has been full of people to the buddha.” You must know that the capital of the Tang Dynasty we Changan, Xi’an now, it is the largest city in the world at that time, the so-called “Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people”, which is described in Changan.
Such a city, resident, plus flow, then how many people? The Buddha who actually can fill the city, it is a concept of what? So the master himself, to the point where he could spread the Dharma to this level, can only be described in unimaginable ways! Then the guide master in good disciple, master and master the same role worked very hard so many people have life to read “Amitabha” one hundred thousand volumes and five hundred thousand volumes, there are tens of thousands of daily and one hundred thousand acoustic sound of the Buddha, the life of samadhi Buddha who last appeared, too many to count, Rui Pureland people are too many to count!
According to the historical records, then you can go play imagination, then Shandao master of the pure land, to vigorously promote the Buddha Famennian, it would be a grand occasion how? That’s really something!
Here is a story, a very interesting story, very interesting. At that time, in the city of Changan, with a name of Beijing butcher, Beijing’s “Beijing”, a rare surname, he is a pig slaughtering butchers. Because the master Shandao advised people to believe in the vegetarian Buddha ah, that person is too much, that Mancheng broken meat. Oh, Mancheng broken meat, how we are not eating meat, more and more people buy meat less, it had no business, had no business, the pork butcher also was laid off.
So the name of Beijing butcher. He was very angry, he hated the Shandao master, he has a day with a knife into the temple, with a knife to his temple, he doing? He wants to find the master Shandao afterwards, he intends to give their lives, life for life, but also to find a way to master Shandao to kill, his heart began to move this evil. As a result, he was able to see the good master, who had not had time to curse him, and the master of the wise pointed to the western sky and told him, “look!”!” The master did not argue with him, but told him, “look!”!”
The name of Beijing butcher turned a look, ah, no, suddenly saw the western sky Amitabha and Elysian Fields, the kind of pure solemn spectacle, the kind of indescribable perturbation force and shock force! If you can see it, I believe you will understand, that is the great realm which can crush all attachments! The name of Beijing butcher, the current “Mao solicitation” sound, the knife fell to the floor. This was full of murder, a person is evil, then moved to kneel down to worship the master immediately repent, and then, he immediately back to the heart to say: “I want to go immediately! Right away!”
The butcher’s character tells the truth very urgent, more anxious than me, not good to say is a bit extreme, he really threw everything. He climbed to the temple outside of a tall tree, standing on a high place, for Western loudly chanting, and then jumped down from the tree, dead. The urgent demand of one spirit is commendable, but this kind of behavior is not desirable, easy to cause the misunderstanding, we do not stupidly run to imitate chaos.
Fortunately, there was a lot of people, everybody also saw a very strange scene, there is a statue of Buddha leads a day the boy appeared, from the butcher’s door on it out, you see, that the butcher has cast Buddha Jieyin lay, smooth and die.

The frog squatted alone in the lotus leaves

The frog squatted alone in the lotus leaves
The Buddhas were born to declare the immeasurable Dharma to all the living beings, and to return to the western bliss. This is like the amphibious animal jumped into the water, fish and shrimp tell outside a land called things, there is a big big world, that place can jump jump, want to lie lie, to stand, kick boxing, can. And Didi, barking, whining, tweeted…… Comings and goings.
Do you know why the frog is sitting alone on the lotus leaves?
As the frogs announced that there was a big, big world outside, the animals clapped their hands and laughed. It was a liar.
So the frog used to squat in the lotus leaf and lotus, with complex emotion: for all the world this difficult to believe, is extremely difficult.

The people of God

The people of God
The smell from the cloud: “the conduct,” do not enter samadhi, in the teachings of amount, but to their thoughts, illumination from the heart, carry out in daily life. As the wisdom grows day by day, the day of sorrow decreases, and the mind gradually becomes clear, and the mind becomes wise. As a special solution of a monk but can still get people, but, since you can not only, also the interests of the people.
When the Buddha was in sravasti preaching, a senior monk, named “a special”, because the character of dull, so compassionate Buddha please door five hundred has reached a disciple turns to teach him S.grosvenorii, but three years down, he even didn’t remember agatha. Gradually, a special monk stupid news spread throughout the country, be as the topic at leisure.
The Buddha knew that after the heart of mercy, to a special monk said: “today I teach you a verse, when you remember heart, always to recite, as you work hard practice. This verse is “Shou meaning of oral intake of body Mo prisoners, as travelers to the world. “We should listen to after understands, immediately happy to recite the three years he can only remember the chant. The Buddha also tirelessly counsel him: “you are so big, just remember this song most people had the Gatha for having heard it many times, so you must really be not at all surprising, understand the meaning of it, can be used to power. “The Buddha is a special significance that the discovery of monks chant, and most often made mistakes, and reminds him to keep in mind awareness, contemplation of the birth and death. The flow in the reincarnation of dead born three, whether it is good or hell, heaven and Tao are free from this concept arising from the heart. As long as you can clean body, mouth and mind industry, nature can attain nirvana.
Then, the Buddha said no way, after a special monk listened, open heart Italy solution, present a certificate to a Luo hansheng.
At that time the city has a room, there lived five hundred nuns, the Buddha in order to educate them, every day for a disciple to preach. One day, the next day to hear the bhikkhunis for them that people actually like special monks, feel very funny, so think of a way to make fun of him, is deliberately he will only read the chant backwards, let him feel ashamed to say.
The next day, a special monk coming temple, five hundred nuns still like before came to meet, but in this information when they looked at each other laughing, waiting to see a special monk embarrassing embarrassment. For a special should be completed, a bhikkhu throne, was ashamed to say: “your qualification stupid, Bo Decai inferior, the school is not much, only a rough solution of Agatha meaning, today for the public to explain this verse…… “At this time, some of the young nun was going to open a trick on him, but also how to send out the sound, was horrified to find himself may offend the Holy One, immediately ashamed confession, repentance.
A special monk according to Buddha truth, one solution to them, five hundred nuns like listening to special photo of the heart monk discovery, full of joy, the present is for a mangosteen.
One day, King Pasenadi please Buddha and monks to the Palace should be for the Buddha to see taming mass slow heart ripe, so will give a special bowl of monks, let him follow his behind. However, in front of the palace guard, saw as special monk said: “stop immediately stride forward as a mage, you even Agatha also said not to come out, and you go in accepting the king’s support? I am the laity, can blurt out a few verse, and you are the master, so no wisdom, for you will not have what merit! “And a special monk alone in the door.
The Buddha enthroned into the house after cleaning, a special monk suddenly thought of the Buddha still bowl on his hands, mind move, arms stretched, then God will send to the bowl in front of Tongli buddha. All the people on the scene saw the empty hand suddenly appeared, and without any figure, he asked the Buddha in surprise: “who is this man’s arm?” “The Buddha said:” is a special monk’s arm. He has become enlightened recently, because today into the palace, guarded in the door, so just to send me to the bowl avatar. ”
King Pasenadi asked the Buddha: “I heard a bhikkhu has special qualification stupid, is that he just heard what karma Agatha, you can win? “The Buddha of the four disciples:” into the road of karma, not in the knowledge of the teachings of the amount, but for holding on. A special monk although only know Agatha, but he was determined by natural piety, can understand, when the body and maintain purity after an active. In contrast, the world Buddhist, although by smell, but not always on thinking, diligent in the implementation of posture, but as the world Buddhist knowledge learning, so you can not. “The Buddha said to the public the first verse:
“Although recite thousand chapters, sentence righteousness is not correct, as good as a must, smell can destroy evil.”.
It is better to have a thousand words, but to be unjust.
Although puzzled chanting, He Yi, a sentence, word line. ”
The Buddha said his heart after three hundred bhikkhus present ideal solution, the current of Arahat, and kings, princes, ministers, lady, who pursue joy.
Having the right idea of knowing is the key to wisdom and happiness.

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